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Information based on Russian research*

We first encountered the manuscript of Count Walewski in 1994 when V.P.Kovtun asked us for assistance. He had a school exercise-book given to him by Rouslan Dobrovolsky in Caucas in the 70’s. Such notes were widely spread in Tbilisi, having been re-written by worshippers of esoteric knowledge.

Later in New York, we discovered the manuscript “The System of Caucasian Yoga” by the Polish Count Stefan Colonna Walewski published in the United States in 1955. The exercise-book offered to us by V. P. Kovtun was simply a rewritten form of this manuscript.

The editor’s preface states: “Count Stefan Colonna Walewski’s outer life was that of a well-known collector and dealer in oriental art and antiquities and in anthropological curios. His shop, Esoterica, was not only a famous New York connoisseurs’ landmark but the gateway of another world, in which magick, demons and talismans were as real as subways and neon signs. The Count firmly believed that he attracted these strange objects to him by a sort of higher magnetism of which he knew the workings; and his unrivalled collection seemed to prove his point.

Few knew, however, that behind Count Walewski’s constant kindnesses to his fellow man and his expert knowledge — the two main facets of his external life — there lay an intense inner life and search for life’s most hidden secrets. Few knew that before the 1920s, in the Caucasus mountains (between the Black and Caspian seas, on the border between Turkey and Russia) he had been vouchsafed some of those secrets by two initiates of a rarely encountered secret society, which combined indigenous doctrines and those of yoga with teachings stemming from a mystical tradition of ancient Zoroastrianism. Walewski never saw his teachers again, and he himself assumed no personal credit for their teachings which were merely handed on to him under oath not to reveal the source.

We offer you the paragraphs from his facsimile manuscript: The System of Caucasian Yoga

Restoration of Nervous Energy

“IX L ARCANE. Recharging energy. A way used in ancient Egypt for strengthening of currents of energy within the body. It was shown in the figures, using the second Master Arcane exercise. Two rods clasped in the hands of standing figures, were the grips of tremendous power, akin to electricity (secondary electricity), raising the potential of energy 100, and lasting for a day and a night, 24 hours.

“The rods were two in number and of different compositions. One generally to be used in the right, another in the left hand. One having the power of the Sun, another the power of the Moon.

‘The Sun rod of Power is composed of hard coal (carbon) specially hardened, in which the structure of the molecules is changed the way the molecules of iron are changed when converting iron into magness. (To convert iron into magness, the structure of iron moecules is changed by re-crystallization process, hardening, then it will retain the magnetism.) The process of hardening is heating to high temperature and then instantly cooling by submerging in water. (The rods of bard coal prepared for the electric arc lamps are excellent as Sun rods of Power.)

The hardened rod of coal can be inserted in a copper tube, with both ends open or closed (Length of rod six inches, diameter one inch or according to the grip of the band.)

“The Moon rod of Power is composed of hard lode stone, or pressed lode stone, (it may also be a rod of magnetized hard iron or steel magness. The Moon rod of Power can be inserted in a zinc or tin tube with both ends open or closed. (Length and diameter same as Sun rod.) The Moon grip or rod works as a kind of catalyst, to bring the Sun grip or rod into more powerful action.

The rods of power were known even long long ago, and the secret of their making knew only a few initiated.

The mysterious metal (bronze) auricalcum has tremendous power, and is composed of five metals, each having a definite color, white, black, red, blue and yellow. It is radioactive, and it hides the mystery of immaculate conception. Proportion of the metals is even. Then comes electron, composed of gold and silver, (40 and 60 silver), then a combination of silver 75 and zinc 25; combination of copper and zinc, and also copper and tin. (Many combinations of bronze you can make figuring out planets and their relations and properties. Sun, gold; Moon, silver; Saturn, lead; Jupiter, tin; Mars, iron; Venus, copper; Mercury, mercury. Also minerals, coal, lode-stone, beryl, amber, tourmaline, rock crystal , hematite, etc. (Here text contains drawing of two figures rods, one figure is standing with a rod in each hand, one is sitting in the Egyptian meditation position, on a chair, back erect, feet flat on floor, hands on knees, with rods on knees. MM) The Egyptian master system postures for recharging the nervous energy, one should be relaxed and following the direction of the Sun. Objects shaped in different symbolic forms are also used throughout the world, like Babylonian maies (iron with silver inlay, with horned human head and head of the bull). In Tibet is used dorgee, etc.”


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