18-inch Granite Pyramid with Accelerator – 2-Payments


Amazing Healing Pyramid will balance your home or office. Includes internal LED lighting!

This new product is offered at a significant discount to the first 50 customers.  You can reserve yours by remitting 50% now (plus a $10 handling fee per payment) and paying the remaining $730 balance in 30 days.  Note:  Your purchase deposit is not refundable.  If you do not complete this purchase within 7-days of when your pyramid is ready to ship, then you will not receive the discount on this product.  Your deposit will become a store credit that you can apply to this or any other product within 2022.


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Save $340 by ordering your pyramid now!

The Pyramid itself is 44-centimeters tall, (17.3  inches), including the capstone. The stunning hand finished natural wood base up-lifts the design to 18.5 inches in total height.  The crystalline capstone is etched in Gold with the Avesa Mandala.  This sacred geometry enhances the peace and power of the emanation.

Your Avesa tabletop pyramid is equipped with an internal LED light.  The warm-white light shines out of the crystalline capstone and side walls.  The light illuminates the crystalline matrix of the granite revealing the crystalline gift from Gaia herself.

The soft light illuminates a full 360 degrees. Far beyond merely an object of true beauty…your home, (or anywhere you place your pyramid), is continually charged with positive healing radiance and illumination!

The Avesa Granite Pyramid radiates higher than any other pyramid we have ever calibrated!

Here is a brief video from Sri describing this amazing Healing Pyramid



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