Pyramid Charged Brass Ankh

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The Ankh offers many additional benefits including reports of toxic cleansing and clarity.

The Ankh has been charged in our Russian Pyramid and includes a loop so that you can attach it to a chain – we suggest wearing it over the high heart for maximum benefit.

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The Ankh, long a symbol for eternal life, offers an energetic blessing to the wearer.  Not only is it beautiful, it brings a healing focus to your energy field. This is the Atlantean Ankh with two legs, offering balance between male/female energy aspects.

The Ankh has been charged in our Russian Pyramid. It is ideal for placing on an altar or using with crystals.  It will need a ring/loop if you want attach it to a chain.  If you wear it, we suggest wearing it over the high heart for maximum benefit. It is useful in conjunction with crystals as part of a grid. The Ankh offers powerful healing properties when worn, carried or placed on the body.

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