Rods-Free Flow, The Yin/Yang Balancers

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Rods-Free Flow quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, are used for grounding and Mental Clarity. Ideal for correcting Yin or Yang energy imbalances.

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Rods-Free Flow quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, are are also used for grounding and Mental Clarity. Ideal for correcting Yin or Yang energy imbalances.


First method of Use: These rods are used in conjunction with a standard Quartz or Crystal Rod.

If you want to raise the flow of yin energy  in the right hand hold the little copper RODS-FREE, in the left hand hold the standard  zinc Wand from either a RODS-QUARTZ OR RODS-CRYSTAL.  In this fashion the Yin energy is accelerated.

If a person needs to raise the flow of Yang energy   in the right hand hold ordinary copper RODS-Quartz (or Crystal),and in the left hand hold the Zinc RODS-FREE

By holding one Rods-Free in one hand and one Rods-Crystal in the other hand, an immediate flow of yin or yang energy is created.  The RODS-FREE ‘pull’ the energy of yin (silver rod) or yang (copper rod) into your energy channels, thus clearing and balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of your field.

Oriental Medicine practitioners (acupuncturists) normally review the yin/yang balance of their clients at every treatment session.  You can work with the Rods-Free to encourage therapeutic shifts until such time as their are sustained.

Another Method of Use:  The RODS-FREE are ideal energy balancer when held as a working set, with the Sun Rod in the right hand and the Moon Rods in the left hand.


1. If you hold only the copper Sun Rod in the right hand – it acts as an activator and a stimulant, without any post-depression effect. It offers a stimulating effect  and the energy system as a whole is benefited.  You will rapidly dissolve mental fatigue, insomnia, and other painful  conditions.

If you hold only the Sun ROD in the left hand – it acts as a sedative!

2. If you hold only the moon ROD in your left hand, it stimulates the activity of the heart (for as long as you hold it).  This brings a receptivity to life.

3) If you hold the Sun Rod in the right hand and  Moon Rod in the left hand and then lift the left hand up, perpendicular to the Earth – in this position it will clean your energy field, both in front and behind.

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