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… used for Kundalini awakening, Healing, Visualization and Manifestation…

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the magical wands!

  1. The Rods Amber create an effective «battery poles» effect with micro-currents flowing stronger than the other type of rods.
  2. The main effects are first felt in the head area and in  spine with its source at the Sacrum.
  3. Amber Rods have a  psycho spiritual effect; enhancing brain function, and have healing properties associated with the head and spine area.
  4. They are PROFOUND HEALERS.  Be aware that you can easily experience a ‘healing crisis’ when first using these rods — they move toxicity out of the body.

(The Russian manufacture reports positive feedback from clients having pain from cervical osteochondrosis reduced or eliminated)

4) Amber Rods give an Orgon effect

Their energetic effects are very interesting….

You will feel the “currents” running through your arms within the first ten seconds after holding the rods. Strong current flow permeated Your body. The metals’ combination along with Amber create an effective “battery poles” effect with micro-currents flowing stronger than the other type of rods. Even though the current flow was strong, the energetic effect was rather soothing, balancing and relaxing making it comfortable to hold them for 15 minutes without getting overstimulated.

The main effects is in the head area. It seemed that the “currents” were being gathering inside Your brain, and You will feel  them “swirling” inside each hemisphere; literally “hugging” and “filling up” Your  brain tissue; bringing a balanced, equal energy flow to the hemispheres. The feelings  that Your thought processes got cleared up and  mind got calm-relaxed, while Your body is feeling a gentle energy uplift. You will feel  vivid activity on  crown chakra; in the form of strong vibrations. It felt like You had an energy vortex expanding over Your crown charka. Ten minutes within the session, You also fell the pulsing-vibrating sensation and onto  Third Eye.

Overall, the Amber rods have a psycho spiritual effect; enhancing brain function, activating head chakras, uplifting the mood and clearing the mind. This Rods  are ideal for being held during meditation, remote viewing or spirit channeling sessions.

Amber Rods gives strong electrical activity inside  spine with its source being felt at the Sacrum. The Sacrum is pulsating fast like You have a little drum inside.

The Amber rods stimulate the Sacrum bone area in an intense manner and  help in Kundalini awakening.

Franz Bardon’s book “The Practice of Magical Evocation describes the Amber Rods as being of the highest efficacy for Magical techniques.  The copper cylinder filled with  Amber  gives  electric fluid  while the zinc cylinder  gives magnetic fluid

Having sufficiency the magnetic and electric  streams in a body is  critical for maintaining your  vital force. Rods Amber  restore it very quickly.  The Moon Rod activates magnetic fluid and the Sun Rod activates electric fluid.

The Amber Rods more than any other types of Rods empower your visualizations!  They enhance the chance of execution of desires and works.

The Rods Amber work with electromagnetic fluids of the Universe, helping to realize visions into manifestation into the physical world

Using the appropriate meditations and visualizations you will be able to attract a fluid from the Universe like the antenna in the body or to transfer by visualization that force to other people.

These rods carry great power:

1. To influence any ( the person  or animal)

2. Healing people and to destroy negative, adverse influences,

3. To call the Highest Guides or spirits for communion, assistance and channeling.

Only the highest quality Baltic Amber is used in these Rods.  The contents are conditioned in the pyramid for final Attunement

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