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The view of Para-psychologists:

Vadim Polyakov, a Candidate of Science and President of the Applied Parapsychology Association, said the following: “I have been working with the metals and minerals for years, but this is the best I have ever held in my hands.” He supposes, that when a person takes the Rods into his hands, a powerful energetic flow occurs. The phenomena is exceptionally interesting. In Polyakov’s opinion, one may shift the Rods’ position in the hands, and the energetic field created by the Rods, changes direction. The field he said, represented itself as a spherical egg shape that is at one relaxing and balancing. Working with the Rods, it is highly recommended to choose the most comfortable position.According to Polyakov’s statement “these cylinders are extremely useful”.

The views of Specialists in Tsigun, Yoga and other Bio-Energetic Practices:

The influence of the Rods increases the movement of “Chi” (“prana”) in the energy meridians or canals. Due to increased movement of Chi, energy channels are actively cleansed and a healthy energy balance is restored. Regular use of the Egyptian Rods while observing a number of rules in daily life, strengthens and reinforces one’s energetic potential. Enabling one to establish contact with higher forms of intelligence and to manifest other superior capabilities associated with a healthy and morally pure human being.

The view of Astro-psychologists:

“Even the Rods’ influence of short duration (about 5 mins) on human’s psycho-physical fields and energetic structure stimulates the concentration of attention on inner images created by it, enforcing a trance and meditative effect. While a hypnotist may require months of trainings to reach the necessary concentration of attention, using the Rods-QUARTZ, the training time decreases greatly, and the effect realized is much higher than that one reached by ordinary methods. Moreover, it is a rule of thumb, that using the Rods-QUARTZ both cerebral hemispheres become synchronized, and the potentials of the left and right hemispheres’ cortex equalize. The effect of deeper and softer immersion into a meditative state in accordance with Theta-rhythms can be reached. A resembling effect can be achieved another way, e.g., by creating a binaurial wave when using the sound, heard through headphones. However, the Rods-QUARTZ have a softer affect on the energetic field of a human, and, furthermore, have prolonged action. The human’s energetic field “records” the rhythms which appeared during the work session, and keep them for a period of 24-72 hours”.

-Irina and Michael Kosh, Astro-Psychologists, Moscow


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