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Egyptian Healing Rods USA :: Glass Pyramids
Egyptian Healing Rods USA :: Glass Pyramids

Glass Pyramids

The larger the pyramid the greater the power! These high aspect ratio glass pyramids have been charged in our giant pyramid in Russia. Carefully constructed from special Crystal glass in the exact Golden Mean proportions, these pyramids offer a wonderful balancing energy to a room. Place them near your computer or TV to offset the energetic disturbance emitted by these devices. Ideal for placement on either side of your bed or in an area where you meditate.

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4-inch Glass Pyramid

This pyramid is a powerful amplifier and harmonizer with an effective radius of 3 meters.

5-inch Glass Pyramid

This Golden Mean Crystal glass pyramid is conditioned in the huge maternal pyramid in Russia. It offers a healing harmonic energy with an effective radius of 4 meters!

Pyramid Charged Matrix

Inside each half of the matrix is a crystalline substance that has been "charged" in the 144-Foot Maternal Pyramid in Russia. The charge emitted by the matrix, offers a coherent healing energy in the vicinity of the matrix halves.

The Matrix is useful for the neutralization of energetic stressors, such as computers, cell phones and EMF. Place the adhesive-backed halves on opposite corners of electronic devices to offer a shielding energy.