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Based on Russian studies and translated from Russian

Training with the Rods-Crystal

Method of Moscow Astropsychologists: Irina and Michael Kosh.
The Egyptian Rods – Consciousness, Creating Reality

All of the phenomena, that we observe in the natural world around us and that can be regarded as a static consciousness (so called, objective reality), are only a part of general World of Phenomena, that yet includes Dynamic Consciousness (realization of desire). In other words, our mind can influence the reality around us. We suppose that working with the Rods allows you to enhance your mind. To use The Egyptian Rods is one of the ways of concentrating the stream of our consciousness in order to change the inner reality of a person (his mind). It is clear, that such changes will result in changing of his environment and the world as a whole. Here we would to offer you some methods, that allow direct and target working with the Rods. Actually, when using the Rods, you change your world. You can create any substance out of your mind yourself.

Creating an inner content out of any outer reality image

You can perceive objects with your physical vision. For example, you look at a computer and see its appearance. But you can “see” this computer at your mind level. This is another way of perceiving things around us. Your aim is to use one more approach in this method. You are to create an inner content of an object in your mind (for example, a computer) in such a way, that your construction should represent the way, Creator builds it. Creator is present in construction of every element in the reality, including construction of every computer element. To act as Creator means to comprehend the computer structure, understand its inner connections, separate them into some microsystem and thus learn, for example, how molecules link to each other. If you can immediately understand all of the connections’ systems and their intersection, then you’ve already got the sense of this device. So, you can make it yourself or, if it has already been made, repair it, for example, in case of a breakage. And t is absolutely unnecessary for you to know how its physical elements work. The only thing you should know is the connection between information elements, that are the content of this very object. Knowledge of the information links is quite enough for you to make this object work properly as a whole.

Creating a substance through a variety of outer shapes

Assume, you observe an object (a computer, a tree or anything else). The object can be selected arbitrary. Then you suppose this object to be composed out of many parts. Allow me to remind, that any object can be imagined in that way except for a human being. A man should always be perceived integrally. This is due to a structure of his mind. Actually, one can notice, that even the information, that can be associated with a “mind” of computer, is accepted integrally by a human. So, you choose any object and imagine it to be composed of many parts. All of those parts are situated in different places. Each of them has its own shape. Thus, you observe a variety of shapes. You perceive them all in the same time as if many parallel threads of your perception combine into one general flow of perception. So, you perceive many elements of different forms in the same time. Now, you should find such a point in your mind, where all this information can be composed immediately. This point is called gathering point. Here you can be informationally restored immediately. This is an area of your self-restoration. So, you have decomposed the selected object into small parts in the perception area of your mind. Then you take those various distributed parts and reflect them from gathering point. An area, where the reflected parts will be combined, will contain a substance, created by you. You should control the process, to be sure. So, you reflect all of the elements of different shapes from the gathering point. And after that you combine them in the area, where you want your substance to be created. This process is quite similar to the way the lens is functioning. You can combine the rays of light into a point with a help of it. This similarity may help you while practicing. You can build any substance, using this method. Any creative substance, for sure. But you can create not only physical substance, such as computer. You can build any element of the reality. For example, some element of creative society progress. Or you can obtain a way of how to make society progress more effective. You can even find some new information sources. If all those various elements will be reflected and then immediately gathered together knowledge will appear. And this knowledge will provide you and society with creative development.

Creation of a substance in the area, where it should have been appeared as a result of working of a selected reality element

Let us imagine a tree. We can see many branches with green leaves. We notice, that this situation has already been created. We know also, that some time later some new leaves are going to appear near the old ones. This happens just because the tree is alive. But you shouldn’t wait till a new leaf does not appear on a branch, but create it yourself. Using this method, you observe appearing of new elements as a result of tree growth in our example. And then you create those elements yourself. The method includes separating the created areas in your perception according to the information given and then creating the next element yourself. One more example. Watch the growth of corals or crystals. You can even hold an experiment. Pour some water into a plate or a cup and dissolve some salt in there. The solution should be strong. When the solution is strong no more salt will dissolve in the water. Now you can put one more salt crystal into the cup and watch, how it becomes larger and larger. Some new layers will appear just above the present ones. You can control this process with your mind and build a crystal according to your needs. Thus, if you need any substance to be built, you should understand what process or element may possibly become the reason of the substance creation. And then you create it yourself out of your mind. You take nothing from nowhere. Everything is produced by your mind.


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