Rods – Quartz 3

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Quartz 3 offers a higher amplitude of the Quartz energy. Am “Universal Healer”!

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Rods-Quartz 3 offers a higher amplitude of the Quartz crystal energy. These Rods have more crystal content and  you will find them more stimulating than the standard Quartz 2 Rods.

It is also worth telling about a method of working with the Rods-QUARTZ, suggested by Polish bio-energetic doctor, Marek Stavisky:

“One zinc Rod-QUARTZ can be successfully used by ill people for self immune therapy.  For the ill, just holding the one rod can be enough.  Holding the Rods for 8-15 minutes duration has caused a slow increasing of vital powers, immunity increasing up to 100{dcbb7a7efe6fbd2d2b18b79409816c0383d8240023b662eaf4153c3cc9c7a9e5} and regulating of the energy in “chakras” The energy during the first time of holding the Rod has been keeping the organism of those people in homeostage for 2-3 days. Holding the Rod for 1-2 min is enough to maintain the same level of the energy after 48 hours after it was first used”

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